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Jesús Rentería Franco.

Offers a contemporary sensitive and original concept Mexican that is based on an innovative technical proposal, Serpentina, as he calls it, takes its name of one of the most traditional objects in Mexican festivities - the classic strip of paper used to decorate - but its formal antecedents can be found in the paper craft techniques that are spread throughout the country. Jesús Renteria Franco, designer and creator of the technique, he takes his references from everyday experience and endows his pieces with a own identity that is transformed to re-signify traditional craft values.

Each of his projects is a narration of memories, emotions and stories that become tangible in forms and colors. In the constant exploration of new forms, Jesus found that the historical and the
traditional are the perfect pattern for creation. That is, he discovered that experiencing our Mexico in the most traditional way gives you the inspiration you need to bring to the world a fresh and new proposal that promotes the richness of the Mexican visual world. Maximize the
characteristics of the Mexican and embodies them in pieces with identity and sophistication through colors, saturated textures and ornate shapes.


Graduated in 2000 from the Design career
Industrial in the Division of Sciences and Arts for Design of the Autonomous University of
Metropolitana-Xochimilco, Jesús, conceives his studio as a creative space that allows him
work freely on his individual and collective proposals. His main intention is to train
pieces with their own identity. The studio functions as a space where creative dialogue generates something more than objects; The projects created in this space generate concepts and emotions that they provide a solution to what is his main concern: that people obtain not only an original piece but a whole sensory experience.

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